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ROME, OH 44085

Telephone: 440-474-4120

Year Started: 1994

# American Employees: 2
  The FENCE-FLAG® is a patented fence warning device using an oval shaped 3" X 5" rigid bright white plastic form, having a permanently molded 90° bend with a hang hole on either end. The flag hangs in free suspension from one of the holes, the other being a spare, by a uniquely formed stainless steel spring temper K-CLIP®. The K-CLIP® instantly attaches, with finger tip application, to any style line of fencing commonly used to contain livestock or wildlife. The constant force of the spring tension by the K-CLIP® provides excellent slip resistance on smooth wire up to 1/8" diameter and cordage diameters to 5/16". The FENCE-FLAG® provides excellent visibility in daylight as they dip and flutter with the slightest breeze, especially at night, even over snow. FENCE-FLAGS® are packaged 12 per bag and are available through local agricultural supply dealers.  
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Proud to invent, develope, and manufacture in the USA.
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