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14799 Don Julian Road
City of Industry, CA 91746

Telephone: 1-877-i-DO-BURN OR 1-877-GEM-BURN

Year Started: 2009

# American Employees: 38
  Our Company,, began in the spring of 2000. A new millennium, a new beginning and a very profitable year. During a Company picnic, a few personal trainers engaged in conversations relating to fitness.The idea was born to create a new fitness devise exclusively FOR our gym, and BY our gym.The meetings we conducted involved discussions focused on creating a device incorporating cardio exercise with weight training techniques. It took some years, but we invented a device that surpassed even our expectations! It combined cardiovascular exercises with weight training , but was also able to replace related fitness equipment presently being used. Therefore, a Manufacturer was contacted to develop a very confidential Prototype. Patent and Trademark Attorneys were hired and the bowbell began its embryonic stage. During that time , the bowbell was designed and then tested. Then redesigned and modified accordingly.Finally,after 10 years of development, re-designs, legalities, internal discrepancies, demotions, promotions, investment re-evaluations and Company restructuring the bowbell MAKES ITS PUBLIC DEBUT !!  
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The Economy will return and will even be stronger than before.It's Companies like yours that are aiding in the "come back" process. America and it's unemployed citizens would like to thank you. And thanks you.Have a pleasant day or evening.
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