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Diamond Spas
4409 Coriolis Way
Frederick, CO 80504

Telephone: 800-951-7727

Year Started: 1996

# American Employees: 13
  Diamond Spas began with a quest to find a bathtub that would provide a peaceful sanctuary built around my personal bathing needs. After arduous searching and countless hours, it was apparent that no such bath existed. In 1996, the phrase "You design it, I'll make it" was spoken between Tom and myself over a glass of Cabernet. This simple phrase became the foundation on which Diamond Spas was erected and is maintained as our core philosophy to this day. It has been incredibly rewarding to watch Diamond Spas grow into the strong, creative company it has become. The most enjoyable part of this progression has been to be able to witness first hand the power of the imagination that lies within us all and having the resources to transform these ideas into reality. The Diamond Spas line of aquatic products is a quality investment. It will always be aesthetically pleasing, perform for decades and is sustainable offering future generations a healthy world environment that they are entitled to. If you are searching for a luxury bath fixture, spa or pool, fabricated with your every whim being the primary focus, Diamond Spas is ready to assist. Thank you for the opportunity, blessings to all.  
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