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Bijubee Yoga Wear
1310 Potreo Ave
South El Monte, CA 91733

Telephone: 626-246-0269

Year Started: 2010

# American Employees: 1
  Real life. Everyday experiences. That’s what inspires Bijubee. It’s going to be a crazy day ahead. Ups and downs, work and leisure, intensity and rest- that’s all part of being young, vibrant, and alive! Doesn’t it seem to go at hyper speed? Yet, you still carve out the time to keep yourself looking fabulous. At Bijubee, we do the same: look good, feel good, and stay healthy, all in the midst of a hectic schedule. Yoga, Pilates, and exercise wear doesn’t have to be boring anymore. At Bijubee, we’re leading the way in style, comfort, and fun. We’re becoming your partner of choice for all your fitness needs. More importantly, we’re setting our sights at becoming a trusted friend, unlike those other brands that you might have heard of! Together, we can help keep you healthy and beautiful. When your muscles stretch and gain strength, our designs will stay simple and flattering. Our clothes will provide the comfort and support you need in your workout. You can go for a run in the morning, or, take a lunchtime Yoga session. Either way, we’ll be there to withstand all the practices with you. Finally, when all the sweat and tears are done, you’ll want to plop on your couch to rest and relax with us. Throughout all the adventures in your day, we’re there with you Quality is the reason we keep up with someone like you. Our apparels are made in the U.S.A. with the finest material and craftsmanship. We know our economy and the environment are important to you. Jobs are kept at home to help our economy and fossil fuel saved importing from oversea factories help our environment. You deserve the best! It’s really the experiences that are first place. These experiences make up the incredible story of your life. You spend your time doing amazing things and we are here to help you be a winner at work, at home, and in the hearts of your loved ones. Bijubee is full of people who are working toward those same goals, and we know how great it is being someone like you. We are the people that you walk side-by-side with on the street. We are the faces that smile back at you at the grocery store. When the others are growing distant, we stay close by, always! This is your life. These are your experiences. You inspire Bijubee.  
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