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45 Ronaele Dr
Warwick, RI 02889

Telephone: 1-888-91-SHINE

Year Started: 2010

# American Employees: 2
  All of the S3FUSION Polish® Team believe that integrity, simplicity, and the old-school ideas about quality and personal customer service continue to be the only approach that will insure success with a product line.Our desire is to provide products for not only the professional detailers and the owners of classic show cars, but especially for all of those individuals that want to keep their vehicles looking like new. Those who don’t have the time, energy, or money to have a professional do it for them should turn to our S3FUSION products. That’s why we offer all of our products with your satisfaction guaranteed!  
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WHY CAN'T CAR CARE PRODUCTS BE 'GREEN PRODUCTS' ECONOMICAL, EASY TO APPLY, LONG-LASTING AND DURABLE, AND BE AN ALL-AMERICAN PRODUCT? THEY CAN!! Finally, we have found the answers which lie in the cutting-edge science of super-small Nano molecules...and we're not talking about nanoized carnuba wax molecules which often come from South America. Environmentally Safe – Water Based and VOC Compliant, S3FUSION Polish® is made using “Green Chemistry”. It is Non-solvent, non-petroleum, water based, and is unaffected by temperature changes and extremes in weather conditions. Our chemists and the entire S3FUSION Polish® Team are committed to producing products that are free of petroleum distillates. The less petroleum we use the better it is for everyone! S3FUSION Polish® is the best of the new car polishes on the market............... environmentally safe, cutting-edge scientific ingredients, economical, long-lasting, very, very easy to apply, and Made In America! We have been car care aficionados for many, many years. We've tried almost all of the major brands and the new popular cult favorites. We've spent hours and hours applying, buffing, detailing, compounding, rubbing, washing. We designed products that are without a doubt, the best on the market!
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