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Ferrufino Interiors
3959 Sepulveda Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90230

Telephone: 310-827-4446

Year Started: 1968

# American Employees: 7
  From a one-man upholstery business working out of the founder’s (Jose Efrain Ferrufino), home in Mar Vista, this family company has expanded into a high-level operation providing an extensive line of products for all aspects of interior decorating. On their premises they offer a grouping not found anywhere else in this area. They have a showroom, a workroom, a library (used by clients as well as external interior design consultants), and a coffee bar where clients can relax while dreaming up their new environment. Today the company is owned and operated by Jose Ferrufino’s daughter and son-in-law, Julia and Earl Trusty. When Jose retired, Julia and Earl left their chosen professions and took over the business in order to keep it in the family. With Earl’s guidance, inspiration and business acumen, it has grown to where it is today, a full-service interior decor workroom and consulting company. Earl and Julia are dedicated to continuing a proud tradition of reliable, punctual service, and high-quality craftsmanship, backed by a work ethic based on honesty, integrity and respect for others. Chances are, when you come into their store, you’ll speak to the owners themselves. They uphold the special attention to detail that Jose built his reputation around, that same care and attention that gained him a strong following among clients from all walks of life. How many companies do you know where key employees are still there after almost 40 years? That’s the case at Ferrufino Interiors, an interior decor workroom business operating out of Culver City, California. A Family Business, Ferrufino Interiors was established by Jose Efrain Ferrufino, Sr. in 1968 out of his home in Mar Vista, California. Shortly, thereafter, he moved his business to nearby Culver City, California. Mr. Ferrufino established his business on basic premises -- hard work, honesty and respect for others. Mr. Ferrufino originally started his upholstery business alone. He was the salesperson, cutter, sewer, upholsterer and deliveryman while his wife, Mrs. Alicia Ferrufino did the scheduling and bookkeeping. Soon, though, by word of mouth, his clientele grew, as did his workforce. He hired a young man, Armando Vital, to apprentice with him as an upholsterer. He, also, hired a young lady, Maria Ibarra to work as his seamstress. Over the years, he attracted well known names to his long list of clients. Again, all by WORD OF MOUTH, which was Mr. Ferrufino’s sole method of promoting his business. A tribute not only to the legacy of the company founder, Mr. Ferrufino, but to the family atmosphere that continues to be the hallmark of the business to this very day, is the fact that Armando (now the foreman) still works with Ferrufino Interiors providing the high-class service and products that this firm is famous for. Maria, who worked for the company over 30 years, just retired in the middle of 2008. Although Jose Ferrufino is thoroughly enjoying a well-deserved retirement, the business is still close to his heart. Don’t be surprised if you come face to face with him on one of his regular visits to the company offices. He’ll be delighted to have a chat with you!  
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Thoughts on America:
This business was established in the pursuit of the "American Dream". The founder of Ferrufino Interiors, his family and employees are all American Citizens. We believe the United States of America to be the greatest country in the world and as such we shall always defend the Constitution. We firmly believe and respect our Bill of Rights and consider the Right To Vote a privilege not to be overlooked. Employee loyalty is of utmost importance to our company; thus, we are sure to acknowledge hard work, work habits and cooperation. During these economic depressed times we have put every effort into keeping all our employees working. Although many of our competitors are outsourcing labor / product to other countries in order to increase their profit, we have always wanted to maintain our business here in the United States. We sleep well at night knowing that we have not stripped any of our employees / sub-contractors of their much deserved income.
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