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Sun Welding Safe Company
290 E. Easy St. Ste. #3
Simi Valley, CA 93065

Telephone: 805-584-6678

Year Started: 1980

# American Employees: 6
  Sun Welding Safe Company manufactures the Cavalry Series, Pony Express Series, Mustang Series, Scout Series, Renegade Series, Heirloom Series, and Custom Safes. The main facility has been located in Southern California for the last 29 years providing quality products to all of our customers. Since 1980 Sun Welding has been manufacturing safes from our warehouse in Southern California providing quality products to all of our customers. Sun Welding safes are practical, affordable, and designed to fit in your home, office, garage, or any other place you may need a safe. Over the years Sun Welding has determined a few facts that make a quality safe. We have competitive pricing and we stand behind our product. We believe that a well made safe not only offers the best security, but also should be affordable. For starters a safes main purpose is security. Sun Welding has designed each safe to protect your belongs first and foremost. Each one of Sun Welding safes are made with a solid steel door and unibody construction. Then, Sun Welding adds fire protection to make each safe both secure and fire rated. Recently, we have designed a new method of fire rating to help you establish which degree of fire rating will fit your individual needs. We line each safe with one layer of 5/8" fire code drywall, a standard 1 x 1 fire rating. An option of upgrading your safe is available, up to two hours of fire protection. Sun Welding has a variety of different sizes. If there is not a certain size that fits your needs, you will be glad to know that we make custom safes and vaults. You don't want to buy any safe, you want to buy a safe that is built for you!  
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