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All Season Control Cover
2940 East 4430 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84124

Telephone: 801-273-1800

Year Started: 1987

# American Employees: 3
  The All Season Control Cover, the fireplace chimney top cover/damper. It opens when you want a fire, but the rest of the time it saves energy and prolongs chimney life. More energy escapes through the fireplace and chimney than from any other part of a home. When you cover and seal your chimney top, you save energy and make your home secure from animals, birds, insects, and keep out moisture that shortens chimney life. This product is USA designed by a Vietnam vet, issued a patent, and is produced entirely in the United States. The custom work is hand crafted in our shops in Salt Lake City, Utah.  
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Thoughts on America:
Protecting American homes is our only business. 1st: No home can be secure that has an open engineered hole in the roof leading down to bedroom, basement, or living room. An unsecured chimney is an invitation to any pest, biochemical or radiation hazard to infiltrate and contaminate the family environment. 2nd: Energy savings. Warm air seeks and exits the highest point of a home, the chimney. The warm air leaving the chimney top creates pressure on the windows to allow make-up air in. Sealing the chimney top costs typically less than three percent of the cost of replacing windows.
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