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Farmers Couture
7502 S. Shenandoah Dr
Elizabeth, CO 80107

Telephone: 303.229.4999

Year Started: 2009

# American Employees: 3
  It all started on a hot Colorado summer day. I set out to mow part of our field, and I call it a field because if you live in these parts you know the “areas” around our houses are far from nice, even, green lawns. Did I mention we are the only people I know in our neighborhood that don’t have a riding mower! I threw on some shorts, spf and a baseball cap, gassed up the push mower and off I went. It wasn’t long before I realized my poor legs weren’t going to make it through the entire field and I seemed to find myself cringing at each sharp weed and rock ricocheting off of my shin. Refusing to wear any of my pricey denim duds, I hopped in my big old diesel and drove to town. I stopped at the local Tack & Feed store but left empty handed. I had a little better luck at the local country supply store… I did find a pair of women’s work pants, but I would never wear them in public. Listen, after 9 months of carrying a baby the last thing I needed was an unflattering pair of thick pants that seemed to be cut for a man. I have curves, I don’t want to hide them but I would like to show them in their best ‘light’. I want to look good and feel good about myself. Needless to say, I did not buy a pair of work pants on my trip into town but I did come back determined to make myself a pair of work pants that fit and looked good. My days were spent as a fashion buyer. Yep, you heard right, I left the horses, donkeys, chickens and goats every morning & commuted into the city to my job as a women's apparel buyer for a department store. Seems like an odd marriage between the two but I loved it and my own personal sense of style was an eclectic mix of my double life. With a background in fashion and my trusty little sewing machine I worked on my first prototype of women's work pants. While I am better suited to sewing pillows and repairing holes in my husband's shirts, I was able to eek out what would eventually become our signature work pant. First and foremost on my list of important features was fit. Regardless of any special touches or cute fabrics if it did not fit well, I would never wear it. Our pants have a slightly higher rise than many of the premium denims out there but still fall at a flattering level. We have slits to fit over boots and the upside down “A” belt loops to prevent back gaping. Take a look at our pant zippers, they are larger and stronger than what the apparel industry usually uses. Our fabrics are high quality but thin enough to eliminate bulk and excess fabric. And of course the Giraffe print pocket linings. They serve no purpose but we think they are cute! Because that is what Farmers Couture is all about hard work and a little play! Every man loves a hard working woman! Our Mission is to create workwear that makes women feel good and look even better. The toughness of workwear with the style of ready-to-wear. Farmers Couture is not just meant to be worn on the ranch, in the fields or tending to the barn. Pick up the kids, run to the grocery, heck, go to a PTA meeting! No need to change out of your workwear to go into town. After all, I am mom, wife, and full time career woman, the last thing I want to do is more laundry. At the core of who we are is a workwear company with a hint of sparkle and shine thrown in.  
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Thoughts on America:
We are the greatest nation and have an abundance of well-educated and hard working citizens. There is nothing like an American made product and Farmers Couture is committed to manufacturing our products in the United States.
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