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Phantom Products, Inc.
474 Barnes Blvd
Rockledge, FL 32955

Telephone: 888-533-4968

Year Started: 1994

# American Employees: 30
  We make covert, durable lighting for US Military, Law Enforcement, Railroads, and Marine applications. Our *AMAZING* product lines include flashlights, tent lights, vehicle lights, drop and landing zone lights, road and ground marker lights...everything runs on basic batteries, and lasts for a VERY long time because they are engineered and manufactured to OUR personal specifications. Our Covert Military flashlights save Soldiers' lives every day. We are proud of our Nation, proud of our family history of light making and proud of our Company! We can make the best lights for you!  
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Thoughts on America:
EVERY American manufacturer is in danger today...piece by piece our Nation is being sold off and thrown to the is very difficult to compete with imported products. Electronic manufacturing is a particularly nasty business, with so many companies putting on their patriotic "game face" and getting free press or Government grants or whatever and then making products offshore. It is disgusting! Add to that the whole unemployment payments debacle and even FINDING people here can be hard. But we LOVE AMERICA and are doing our best to keep our 30 employees working here on the Space Coast!
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