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Rotary Corporation
801 W. Barnard Street
Glennville, GA 30427

Telephone: 912-654-3433

Year Started: 1956

# American Employees: 400
  What started over 50 years ago in J.D. Harvey's Southeastern Georgia garage has grown to encompass eight buildings, covering nearly one-half million square feet in eight locations . How's that for growth? Today some 440 employees work with pride to provide the highest quality products available on earth, backed with superior customer service that is second to none - period! Rotary now delivers parts to customers in all 50 states and over 63 countries throughout Europe, Asia, South America, Canada, Australia and Africa. Its long-standing relationships with these customers are the foundation of Rotary's renowned tradition of excellence, a tradition that started when JD ("Georgia Boy") began selling replacement parts to auto parts stores and lawn mower dealers in 1956 literally from the trunk of his car. What an incredible story of growth! By 1960, Mr. Harvey had moved his business, then called "Rotary Mower Parts", from his garage into a nearby rented storehouse. By 1964 he moved the business to a larger local warehouse. With excellent sales ability, Mr. Harvey got his fledgling company off to a phenomenal start. However, declining health "nudged" him to sell the company to his nephew, Bill Nelson, the same year. (We fondly remember and salute this remarkable leader and patriarch.) This new millenium, with Bill's son, Ed Nelson, at the helm, Rotary Corporation will continue exploring avenues to maintain a significant world-wide presence in the outdoor power equipment industry. Quality products and service will remain the guiding forces. After all, that's how we became the world's largest supplier of outdoor power equipment aftermarket parts and accessories.  
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