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P.O. Box 133
Mastic , NY 11950

Telephone: 631-729-3259

Year Started: 2008

# American Employees: 1
  Hello, my name is Nazrelee N. Dunham and I am the owner of NICRAH. I am a fan of flirty sexy underwear, but for a very long time my underwear did not work for me because I have erratic periods. I have been wedded to disposable panty liners every day of my life. If I had a dollar for every time I worried about whether I brought my disposable panty liner, I would be able to fix our economy. Over the years, I have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on disposable panty liners and pads. I know there are millions of women out there who have the same problem or who suffer from stress incontinence and need reusable pantyliners...welcome to your new life! My underwear is designed to eliminate these problems. No more periods or leak surprises. I decided that I had enough and designed underwear that has a removable pantyliner with leak guard. It took years to design our underwear/outerwear because it needed to do more than just cover the body. We developed flirty body shaping underwear for women that makes life easier while keeping women looking and feeling sexy. Our underwear is great for all women who currently have a menstrual cycle. Our pantyliner has a unique ability to keep liquid out while allowing air to pass through. Our pantyliners have light absorbency and can replace your pad if you have a light flow. Our panty liners are washable and reusable. Why throw money out each month when you don't have to? My underwear, including doubly dry bras, has certainly made my life a lot easier and my hope is that it will do the same for you. It is great to finally have sexy, comfortable underwear that can also be worn as outerwear.  
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