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Northwest Natural Products
6350 NE Campus Drive
Vancouver, WA 98661

Telephone: (360) 737-6800

Year Started: 1985

# American Employees: 500
  In 1985, Northwest Natural Products® redefined the dietary supplement industry with the introduction of tasty and natural gummy-based vitamins. Today, Northwest Natural Products is a leader in the field of taste and nutritional technology it pioneered. With over 142 items that cover the full spectrum of dietary supplements for children and adults, we offer innovative delivery systems to facilitate absorption and make vitamins palatable to a wide audience. Children. Family. Healthy living. These are the ideals that prompted founders Kate Jones and Marty Rifkin's initial move to the Pacific Northwest, and it is no mistake that nearly 30 years later, these principles continue to be the cornerstone on which they run NNP. For a company that has grown to include a state-of-the-art production facility, an award-winning R&D department and an in-house marketing division, it is difficult to believe that it all began with the simple notion that of healthy living as an enjoyable experience. Since the release of their first product, Kate and Marty have remained resolute in their ambition to provide consumers with supplements that set the standard in health and accessibility. As their new company grew, so did their family. Kate and Marty always knew that they wanted to raise their children with the same emphasis on wellbeing that had been present throughout their own childhoods. But they didn't anticipate how deeply their family life would, in turn, affect the evolution of their business. In fact, it was Kate's observations of her young daughter that led to one of NNP's most significant breakthroughs. During play-dates, Kate would watch her inquisitive toddler as she touched everything, put things in her mouth, and then exchanged toys with another child who would do the same. Kate became concerned about the frequent passing of germs and attempted to give her daughter Echinacea. However, like most supplements at that time, the taste of Echinacea was unpleasant for a child to stomach. This inspired Marty to begin researching alternate methods for creating a more kid-friendly supplement. After some experimentation, he discovered a way to combine the Echinacea with natural flavor crystals and subsequently cold press the blend into a tastier, chewable tablet. And, with this discovery, a new and more delicious age in children's supplements was born. Marty's finding was dually important in that it allowed him and Kate to use natural colors and flavors rather than the artificial additives used by most vitamin manufacturers. "I wouldn't give my own children artificial colors or flavors," Kate says, "so I'm not going to give them to other people's children." This new delivery system opened the door for unprecedented creativity with supplements in taste and form. For NNP, the innovation led to what we ultimately know today as the gummy bear vitamin. The familiarity and universal appeal of the gummy bear has been an important factor in the longevity of L'il Critters® success. Kate and Marty had discovered a formula that merged the best of both worlds - a vitamin that appealed to children in both taste and shape, and with all the necessary ingredients to satisfy parents. The formula was so successful that when parents began asking how many of their children's vitamins they should take to meet the proper adult dosage, Kate and Marty knew the same philosophy could be applied effectively to an adult line of supplements. Since creating the Vitafusion® brand and introducing the first adult gummy vitamin on the market, NNP has adhered to this method of organic growth through need. Despite their ever-continuing expansion and progress, Kate and Marty have stayed true to those core values that inspired the foundation of their company. They have remained dedicated to supporting communities through their work with charitable organizations, scholarships, and sponsorship programs. They have strived to remain as environmentally friendly as possible by employing low-impact manufacturing practices and using BPA-free bottles. NNP will continue to proudly provide loyal consumers with supplements that are delicious, convenient, and contain the best natural ingredients to keep them healthy and strong.  
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