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P.O. Box 871
Mundelein, IL 60060

Telephone: 888-293-0133

Year Started: 2010

# American Employees: 1
  Drop-a-Seat toilet seat cushions were inspired in an average American home. As one of three sons, the founder of Drop-a-Seat was constantly bing reminded by his mom to, "Put the toilet seat down!!" Even with all the reminding in the world, his mom, like so many moms, was often unsuccessful at getting her boys to remember to put the seat down. Simply put, boys forget to put the seat down, and the last thing any busy mom needs is to find the seat up! Well, it isn't just young boys forgetting to put the seat down. In fact, guys of all ages around the world are committing this annoying foul. We found that boys, sons, fathers, and husbands simply weren't putting the seat down consistently. Unfortunately, bending over to lay the seat down is incontinent and holding the toilet seat isn't exactly pleasant. Ever try just tipping the seat and letting it fall? Ouch! It's loud! Yes, mothers, wives, and girlfriends do a great job reminding others to put the toilet seat down, but having a visual reminder to put the seat down is so much more efficient and convenient for everyone. So how do you get anyone (guys especially) to pit the seat down? make it convenient and easy for them, and make sure they are reminded to do it. Drop-a-Seat stick-on cushions are not only a great visual reminder for the user to put the seat down, they also make it convenient to do so. Now everyone can just tip the toilet seat and let it fall without worrying about loud clanks. The best part: gravity does all the work! Drop-a-Seat cushions offer that special convenience at the affordable price. It's never been easier to put the toilet seat down. Nest time you find the toilet seat up, don't drop a beat..... Drop-a-Seat.  
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Despite the tough economy the last few years, I decided that America was still the land of opportunity for small business and ventured out to start my own. America gave me the opportunity to bring a product to market that solves the age-old toilet seat etiquette problem. It's never been easier for Americans to put the seat down.
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