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Island Slipper Factory
98-711 Kuahao Pl
Pearl City, HI 96782

Telephone: 808-485-2621

Year Started: 1946

# American Employees: 40
  Things were different when we first started making sandals in 1946. Our number one style, the Bare Foot Thong, sold for $3.75. In those days, visitors came to Hawaii on the Pan Am Clipper. There were only two hotels on Maui and you could walk down Waikiki Beach and still see Diamond Head over the palm trees. A lot has changed since those early days in Hawaii, but this remains true; we still believe our most valuable assets are our customers. If you have been satisfied, then we feel we have been successful. Many companies have come and gone since we first started making sandals. It makes you wonder why they didn't last. Our belief is simple, produce a product with quality and integrity and offer it at a fair price. After fifty years it still seems like the best thing to do.  
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I love our county and the state of Hawaii. God gives us Hope and America gives us a place where dreams can come true. All I have ever wanted was the opertunity to build my own business and be responsible for my own future.
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