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Grillworks Inc
1823 Ontario Place NW
Ann Arbor, MI 20009

Telephone: 2027587425

Year Started: 1980

# American Employees: 15
  Though you may not know it, Grillworks Inc has been making grills now for a quarter century. Over the years production volumes have varied, but not by much - and have always fallen somewhere between tiny and small. This was by design. It still is. Our grills are made in the USA. They are designed to showcase the best open fire cooking styles the world has to offer - France, South America, Greece and Turkey have all contributed to the incredible outdoor cuisine we enjoy. But when it comes down to quality, the risk of compromise, no matter how small, isn't worth any advantage of building in far-flung places. Not to us. Our welders and metalsmiths are at the top of their game. They are chosen because they care not only about the strength of their creations but their beauty. They are proud to know that if for any reason a grill doesn't come out breathtaking, we won't ship it. So - when you order a grill from Grillworks Inc you know certain things. The grill will be made of an excessive amount of the best grade stainless steel. It will be built by metal artisans, from the ground up. It will be finished and polished by the same guys, in the same place, in the USA. It will have been fully assembled for fit before it is placed in the box. There will be a person who knows your grill personally at the other end of the phone. And - your grill will last long enough to be passed to the next generation.  
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We build our grills in Michigan, using metalsmiths that cut their teeth in the auto industry. We also on occasion press into service stainless steel experts who produce American winery hardware. The skills and desire are here, and though they can be expensive I find it worth the extra cost on many levels.
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