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Burgundy Pasture Beef
800 McDuff Ave
Grandview, TX 76050

Telephone: 817-866-2247

Year Started: 2000

# American Employees: 8
  Real food, real flavor, real wholesomeness – that’s our core philosophy. Culinary quality with peace of mind - It is simply the best for you and your family. We produce the highest-quality 100% grass-fed beef, raised naturally on lush pastures right here in North Texas. Our family works to make this very special beef available to our friends, a local gourmet restaurant and hopefully to your family. We ONLY offer foods that meet our strict core philosophy. That means raised in a sustainable manner and in the most natural setting – on pasture – in the open air and sunshine – and NEVER with the use of growth promotants (hormones) or any other artificial circumstance. All the meats are cut and packaged here at The Burgundy Boucherie – with the USDA stamp of approval.  
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