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Iconic Tsunami, LLC
57 Pier Head Blvd., Suite 2
Smyrna, DE 19977

Telephone: 877-653-2010

Year Started: 2009

# American Employees: 3
  he computer impacts all aspects of our lives…it’s where we work, play and communicate. Our monitors serve as a portal to that universe. However, more often than not, we try to use our monitor as a message board. We post sticky notes, taped business cards, work codes and our favorite pictures to the sides of our monitors frame. We like to personalize our space and keep those important items in our direct eyesight. However, we realized that flat screen monitors lacked a monitor accessory which had practical functionality, that didn’t damage your monitor or wasn’t an eye sore….at least until now. We are proud to bring you the FACEMATE® monitor accessory. Made in AMERICA. FACEMATE® is sleekly designed to stretch over the corners and edges of your flat-screen monitor, hugging the frame like a skin. FACEMATE’s bands hold will securely hold your important items against your monitors frame. It’s easy on, easy off. No glue. No sticky-tape. No damaging hardware. FACEMATE® transforms your monitor into your personal billboard. It’s your space so personalize it with a FACEMATE®!  
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