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Schaefer Ranchwear
110 Blue Sky Lane
Mesilla Park, NM 88047

Telephone: 800-426-2074

Year Started: 1982

# American Employees: 36
  Each Schaefer Ranchwear garment is proudly American made in our family owned and operated factory, which means we design, engineer, cut, sew and inspect each and every garment featured in the product line. In fact, Schaefer is one of the last full line apparel manufacturers left in this great nation of ours. We not only produce American made garments, but firmly stand behind purchasing American made raw materials right down to thread, snaps and labels. The result of your support is not only heart felt to our small company and its employees, but to the hundreds of folks from coast to coast in the textile industry who provide the finest raw materials possible.  
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Thoughts on America:
Small business represents the heart and soul of the American Economy...we're a tough bunch. We adapt, change, innovate, up size, down size on a whim. Despite every attempt of the government to break us down with increased credit regulations, higher taxes, health care and the threat of higher inflation down the pike we'll weather the storm. In time, we'll get back to less government, lower taxes and more freedom.
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