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Carolyn Pollack Jewelry
6815 Academy Parkway West, NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109

Telephone: 800-827-6543

Year Started: 1975

# American Employees: 200
  From the time I was a young girl I loved designing. As a teenager blessed with a mother who was a great seamstress, I designed my own clothing. Somehow my mother would bring my designs to life with only a rough sketch and my description as her pattern. I loved the creative process and was hooked! My first experience with jewelry was after college, when I joined a large fashion jewelry company. I truly believe we all have angels in our lives who guide us in certain directions. One of the angels in my life was a woman named Dixie in Minnesota. She took me under her wing, challenged me continuously with new responsibilities, and taught me to follow my dreams. I first visited New Mexico in 1987 and felt inspired immediately. The natural beauty of the state, the endless sky and deep red earth touched me, and I knew this enchanted place was my home. I loved the vibrant culture and the traditions and beliefs expressed through art and ceremony. New Mexico spoke to my heart. I moved to New Mexico two years later, and immersed myself in its traditions and culture. By the time I married Bill in 1994, I felt passionate about the bold colors and ancient traditions of the Southwest. I wanted to express my love for it through designs that combine traditional elements with contemporary silhouettes and colors. I wanted to create jewelry I loved to wear, and hoped other women with the same affinity for a bold, colorful, expressive style would love it, too. If you follow your heart, choose to do something you love, and remain positive, creative and committed, your success is guaranteed. I measure my success as a designer by the joy our jewelry brings, by the trusting relationships we build, and by the pride and success our employees feel. By choosing to do something you love, never allowing challenges to distract you from what is ethical, positive and worthwhile, and surrounding yourself with positive people you truly can create your own destiny.  
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Our designer sterling jewelry is proudly made in Albuquerque, New Mexico at our design and production studio using 100% recycled silver and natural gemstones. A central part of Carolyn Pollack Jewelry’s mission is to create jewelry that is American from inspiration through creation. Over 200 talented American artisans and craftspeople are employed in our New Mexico production facility, and we are proud of our company’s continued support of our local, state and national economy.
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