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Vermont Woods Studios
2531 Fort Bridgman Rd., Suite # 3
Vernon, VT 05301

Telephone: 802-579-1302

Year Started: 2005

# American Employees: 6
  We are an online retailer of fine Vermont made furniture and our web store showcases the finest of Vermont’s furniture makers. Vermont has a long history of woodworking, over 200 years in fact. The region is abundant in the premium hardwoods that our craftsmen carefully select. This fine woodworking heritage plus plentiful high quality hardwood resources are combined to create naturally beautiful, functional, and timeless wood furniture you will be proud to own. Who buys Vermont made furniture? Our customers are looking for 100% American-made, sturdy built furniture from solid hardwoods such as Cherry, Maple, Oak and Walnut. They desire exceptional craftsmanship, appreciate a natural style and want timeless furniture that can be passed on for generations. They understand that buying the right furniture means only buying it once. Some customers like to know where and how their furniture is made and having a connection to the craftsman is important to them. Whether buying exclusively American made furniture or supporting a regional domestic industry or helping provide a livelihood for a passionate craftsman, the origin of their furniture is important. How does Vermont Woods Studios choose what furniture to offer? Above all is our quality and craftsmanship criteria as all of the furniture we offer is backed by a lifetime guarantee. Furniture is selected that best represents the natural Vermont made style. We also seek furniture makers who use green production processes and participate in forest sustainability. All of the furniture we offer is produced in Vermont. It is where we live and work and what we know. And we are within a 3 hours drive to any of our furniture makers.  
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