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Skyway Tuff Wheels
4451 Caterpillar Road
Redding, CA 96003

Telephone: 530-243-5151

Year Started: 1974

# American Employees: 25
  In 1974 SKYWAY "re-invented" the wheel by introducing the first of the composite Skyway Tuff Wheels® to the demanding bicycle motocross (BMX) sport. BMX riders demanded a wheel which would remain true under extreme riding conditions. Genuine Skyway Tuff Wheels® delivered that need. Skyway wheels are fabricated with the best material available in our own special composite blend. Composite Tuff Wheels are lightweight, durable and maintenance free. For more than twenty years Skyway has supplied Tuff Wheels in a wide range of hub configurations to serve the Bicycle, Health Care, Industrial Equipment and Lawn & Garden markets. Skyway Tuff Wheels® are available in a wide range of sizes, from 4" casters to 24" bicycle and wheelchair wheels. All Skyway wheels are manufactured with pride in Skyway's Redding, California factory. As the world's leading manufacturer of quality molded wheels, our sales volume allows us to purchase materials at the best possible prices. This factor coupled with our efficient manufacturing operation allows us to offer our customers "Quality Wheels at a Very Affordable Price".  
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Skyway Tuff Wheels are known around the world for durability, style, and the quality only offered by genuine made-in-USA Tuffwheels. Consumers can visit to shop on-line.
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