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Real Girls
5318 E 2nd St
Belmont Shore, CA 90803

Telephone: 562-304-1014
Website: htp://

Year Started: 2005

# American Employees: 1
  A friend asked me one day “What are you going to do when you grow up?”. Sort of a funny question, since I was one of those jetsetter professional-types who knew most major airports better than my own neighborhood. But like many people in my place, I was looking for a change and I answered “I would really like to make lingerie that fits”. This was a peculiar answer since I barely knew how to sew and the fashion world was completely foreign to me. But when my friend responded with “well, why don’t you?”, I thought to myself, “well, why don’t I?!?” and the concept of Real Girls was born. With my hourglass figure and curvaceous bustline, I’m not exactly the body-type that the intimate apparel industry caters to. If I was lucky enough to find something that fit, it wasn’t the cute little items that were displayed on the mannequins. I started the company with an emphasis on the buxom-bust but soon learned ladies of all sizes want the same thing - items that fit and make us feel pretty wearing them. Since Real Girls was born, I’ve learned a lot about the fashion industry. I would still consider myself a fashion outsider but I think that is a benefit for my customers, since I offer unique designs and sizing.  
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Thoughts on America:
When Real Girls was established one of our princples was we wanted our products Made in the USA. We were able to find a manufacturer and the cost was the same as if it was produced oversees... why does anyone produce apparel oversees?!?! We believe that small business will rebuild America.
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