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American Nutraceuticals, Inc.
624 Sunset Park Dr.
Sedro Woolley, WA 98284

Telephone: 360-856-1556

Year Started: 1976

# American Employees: 6
  In 2008, Nature's Elements, LLC was established on the foundation of a family business that started in 1976. In the beginning the only product manufactured was an organic plant food made from waste by-products of the fish processing industry. What ordinarily ended up in a landfill was instead turned into prime fertilizer. The by-products of the shark processing were most interesting. The meat was sent by the fish processor to Europe for fish and chips. With the remainder, we made organic plant food, shark liver oil, and then later shark cartilage powder and Immuno PeptideĀ®. We have manipulated marine by-products in a thousand different ways looking for the best way to extract every important nutrient without destroying the synergistic micronutrients. Our underlying philosophy has been imperative: don't destroy what it took Nature eons to perfect. Our research and development eventually produced proprietary processing technology that enables us to preserve the full spectrum of rare nutrients that occur naturally in the shark liver and cartilage. Today, over three decades later, we use our proprietary processing technology to manufacture our innovative product lines: Quality by Nature nutraceuticals and Avie cosmeceuticals. These targeted supplements and skin treatments can improve the quality of life for many of our customers, evidenced by clinical trials, lab results, and customer testimonials. Many other supplement manufacturers currently purchase our active ingredients and incorporating them into their formulas. The benefit of this to you is that our products are market tested in over 60,000 distribution channels in the US alone. The benefit to us is that we control of the sale and distribution of the active ingredients. Our formulations for Quality by Nature and Avie are stronger or more therapeutic as we have purposely limited the active ingredients sold to the competition. Other factors that set us apart from others are: no bovine (cow) products, no fillers, superior manufacturing, no synthesis, products unlike any other on the market, etc. Additionally our competitors cannot match our unique proprietary blends of nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products. This gives us a substantial competitive advantage because our clients find that our products are superior, affordable, high quality, and have proven effective.  
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Could see the NOT made in USA problem coming years ago. We need to "vote" for America by spending our dollars on made in USA products.
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