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145-FG New Street
Decatur, GA 30030

Telephone: 404-580-2456

Year Started: 2010

# American Employees: 3 came about from a love of IKEA® furniture. IKEA makes wonderfully functional products, but their stock slipcovers limit your decorating options. And it’s also pretty hard to hide the fact your red Ektorp sofa came from IKEA. So now IKEA fans have even more options to add flair to your space. And add to that our covers are made in the USA! No longer do you have to decorate around their color options. You can now select a sofa cover that matches your décor or your dream décor to be. Or you can choose a slipcover for your IKEA chair to help it blend in more easily with your other furniture. And what about that Ektorp slipcover that the kids and pets have just done in? Don’t throw out your furniture. Bring it back to life with new custom slipcovers. Whatever your need, wants to make your IKEA® furniture stand out from the crowd!  
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We are proud to be a young, growing company that is focused on creating jobs locally and using U.S. made inputs in our products whenever possible.
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