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93 Dickinson Dr
Shelton, CT 06484

Telephone: 203-987-5452

Year Started: 2008

# American Employees: 4
  Produced by or showing the results of much thought: a carefully thought-out design. Founded in New England in 2004, Thought Out is a motivated company that strives to create great products in the USA and believes that innovation never ends. Thought Out makes accessories to meet any growing technological need. For today and the future, we are here to design the best, highest-rated products in a competitive industry. Beginning with the PED (formerly iPed), our goal was to create iPod docks and stands that you can be proud to display on your desk, which are inspired by today's most desirable portable electronics. While not limited to the design cues of Apple products, Thought Out products reflect the innovation, beauty, and allure in much the same way. Style and function are always at the forefront; therefore, products with not as broad a range are given the same energy and effort as those that are produced in high quantities. When a product does something simple and useful for a select few, but performs well, it is greatly appreciated. While we realize that certain merchandise may have a smaller focus, all product development is given equal attention. Our simplistic, yet elegant products are designed with a specific goal in mind, leaving no detail too small for any consumer. All of the PED-estals are made of uniquely formed steel with a powder hardcoat finish, which complement and give each PED a high-quality look. Now producing PED, PED2, PED3, PEDn, and FlexPED, there is a dock or stand alternative for virtually any iPod, iPhone, or other portable devices. Thought Out has been involved in the world of podcasting and WEB 2.0 (new media), and is cited as one of the first advertisers to sponsor a show when podcasting was in its infancy. New media resources have always been in the spotlight of the company, as evident by efforts with Flickr, MySpace, Twitter, podcasting, and countless others. With only American design, materials, and labor, all of the products are proudly produced within the United States, while maintaining a competitive edge.  
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