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BabySmart USA
PO Box 26
Bernardsville, NJ 07924

Telephone: 800-756-5590

Year Started: 1993

# American Employees: 5
  When Diane Zissu’s son Travis was born in 1993, she quickly became frustrated by the dearth of what she considered to be the most basic, logical baby and toddler-care aids (like something to keep her package of baby wipes stationary while she struggled to hold Travis in place, lift the lid and peel off a wipe). Her solution was simple: She invented what she needed – putting to personal use her professional expertise in commercial interior design, along with her first computer. It wasn’t such a stretch, moving from the business of design and function for clients to design and function for the nursery. With the aid of her new computer, she researched the most functional and highest-quality materials to create high-style products that were both visually appealing and functional – initially just for her own little ones. By the time she’d become the mom of three babies in as many years (Jared arrived in 1994 and Laina in 1995), Diane had created two changing table necessities: a baby-wipes holder that grips the wipes container, and a diaper holder that holds a stack of 20 diapers – both of which attach to the changing table. No more fumbling for wipes and diapers during the changing process. One day, hearing Dad declare he would not change a diaper without her baby-wipes holder, Diane suddenly realized she had created something special. She used her computer to play around with possible names for the products, which led to experimenting with ideas for a company name … and BabySmart was born. BabySmart’s early product launches included the first-ever Baby-Wipes Holder and Diaper Holder, made of flexible plastic. As her kids got a little older, Diane quickly followed up with other “smart” necessities, the BabySmart Potty Mat – a protective, non-skid foam mat that is used in the bathroom during toilet training – and the BabySmart Lap Bib – a 14-inch-long bib with a pocket at the bottom, designed to keep kids clean during meal and snack time.  
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We at BabySmart started 18 years ago working with a small unique manufacturer based in Ct. We thought we were lucky to have a product that we could control and continue to improve here in the USA. However, when costs, competition and quality were compromised, we immediately began the search for the next generation of Cooshee's. i will admit, the search was trying, however not once would we consider taking the opportunity of employment away from our home. We would only manufacture here in America. Eighteen years later, we have reinvented ourselves with a better product, superior partnerships, and a new opportunity to build the BabySmart brand right here in homeland. America needs to build here, buy here and sell there! Hard work, dedication and vision is all you need. Thank you to our troops for keeping America safe. DZ Ceo, Founder
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