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formtech services
410 E Bluebird Ave.
Pahrump, NV 89060

Telephone: 702-575-0355

Year Started: 2003

# American Employees: 2
  From the designer of the original split chain slider that facilitated easy install, better wear design and longer lasting material comes the next generation. A better design with the rider in mind. We now have more UV protection to maintain your color and high quality bearings in the rollers for added life. We make the best parts available at any cost. I’m a rider and I listen to riders for better ideas and new products. I’ve been riding for about 48 yrs. and I enjoy it more than almost anything else I do. I’ve done all kinds of riding but dual sport is my favorite, I get to ride to where I’m going to ride. I’m self employed and enjoy taking time off to haul my bikes across the USA to ride the trails, mountains, dunes, stagecoach roads, old railroad beds, assorted dirt roads, and visit America my way. We've been making MC parts for about 20 yrs. mostly of polyurethane (as that is my business). We have a pretty complete R&D shop that allows us to make most ideas become a reality.  
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