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Lucas Products
5663 Opportunity Dr
TOLEDO, OH 43612

Telephone: 419-476-5992

Year Started: 1957

# American Employees: 7
  Donald W. Applegate established Lucas Products Corporation in 1957. The primary nature of the business was manufacturing PATCHIT® coated fabrics for use as heat seal mending tapes and patching materials. Other products were manufactured or distributed including diaper do and Tem, household disinfectants and SUNNIES® Eyeshields for sunbathers. In addition the firm acted as an inventors marketing company. We manufacture SUPER SUNNIES eye protection goggles for use in tanning beds and medical procedures. We manufacture LUCASOL disinfectant, LUCAS hand Sanitizer, LUCAS Salon and Spa cleaning products. We manufacture PATCHIT, FABRILOC, and FABRILOC II fabric mending products for use in the industrial laundry / uniform rental industry.  
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Thoughts on America:
If we make it here we keep our population employed so they can buy our goods and in turn make more goods. if we move manufacturing out of the US it breaks the circle of trade and here in the USA and really causes a decrease in sales as less people are employed and there is less income to be allocated to making purchases. Lets keep America working and buying American made goods. Keep the circle of trade going.
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