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Mean Green Products, LLC.
7859 Cincinnati Brookville Rd.
Okeana, OH 45053

Telephone: 513-200-7561

Year Started: 2009

# American Employees: 10
  For us, its all about POWER and EFFICIENCY! If it doesn't do the job right and with plenty of POWER, we won't build it or sell it! For too long, electric products have been associated with "underpowered", "slow", or "wimpy". We want to change that image! MEAN GREEN MOWERS were designed and built to strong and durable "commercial" standards for all of our residential, estate, and our commercial models. At Mean Green Products, we believe that alternate energy products (GREEN) can be both powerful AND efficient. Our products not only perform as good or better than "gas-engined" products, but their operating and maintenance costs are only a fraction of the cost as well. We also believe that alternate energy products have their place due to current technology. A big tractor trailer hauling tons of cargo around the country is NOT a very good application for a battery powered vehicle at this time. Neither is any application that will require long drives without stopping that take us far away from a charging source. Cutting grass in a private yard or commercially is a completely different story! It is the perfect application of GREEN energy because: 1. Mowing your private lawn takes about the same amount of time each time the grass is cut. The residential MEAN GREEN MOWER can handle at least 2 acres on one charge. The Estate MEAN GREEN MOWER can handle up to 4 acres on one charge. The commercial MEAN GREEN MOWER can cut all day long with its exchangeable battery packs. 2. You are never far from a charging source. You will never be "stranded" far from home. MEAN GREEN MOWERS have a built in sensor that shuts down the mower blades when the battery is very low. Once the blades stop, there is still enough power left to drive the mower over a mile! 3. Solar or wind turbines can completely recharge your MEAN GREEN MOWERS if "off-grid" charging is desired. With MEAN GREEN MOWERS, you have the option of plugging into the grid to recharge your mower in from 5-12 hours, or you can recharge from the sun or wind with the optional recharge kits. 4. Battery powered vehicles lose significant power when the temperature drops to near freezing. With MEAN GREEN MOWERS, the cold weather is no factor on its batteries because grass doesn't grow when it is that cold anyway! A near perfect application of battery power.  
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American manufacturing is on the rebound. People will not tolerate imports like they have in the past. It is time to bring jobs home where they belong. Every one American job gained leads to a stronger America.
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