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Brookwood Leather
1000 Brookwood Dr
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

Telephone: 717-713-0667

Year Started: 2007

# American Employees: 1
  Here you will find guitar straps handcrafted with love and care. I hand pick only the finest hides available find from the best tanneries, Wickett & Craig being my favorite. There are no other employees, I craft each strap personally. That way I can be sure you get my very best each and every time. I recently made some big life changes, including getting married in '05, and then moving to Pennsylvania with my wonderful wife Ronda in July of '06, leaving N.J. behind. We did that so we would have enough room to take in my 90 year old mom and have her live with us. I was in need of finding a way to generate some income from home, so that I could be around when she needs help. My musician friends' suggestions of making straps full time started to sound like a great idea. I started working with leather in 1971, selling guitar straps, belts, bags, hats, etc. throughout New Hampshire. I also spent a summer in the old French Quarter of Montreal making custom fitted sandals at an artisan's market. I have had the pleasure of building straps for players from Singapore, France, the Netherlands, Canada, Norway, England, Australia, Mexico, and all around the U.S.A. I hope to have the pleasure of making one for you  
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I'll be 59 in 3 weeks. I remember an America that was quite different from the one I live in today. Corporate greed has robbed us of our manufacturing backbone. Black Friday will probably give the Chinese economy a bigger boost than ours since everything seems to be manufactured there or wherever corporations can source cheap labor. Not only have the corporate captains undermined our economy, another sad result is most of the young people I meet have no skills or work ethic. Compared to other nations around the globe they are sadly lacking in academic areas as well. Times change and there's no going back to an economy that isn't global. But we can certainly make ourselves a stronger nation by supporting our local businesses and manufacturers. I believe if we all did that it would have a dramatic effect.
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