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Pintler Mfg. Inc.
PO Box 180456
Richland, MS 39218

Telephone: 601-939-1135

Year Started: 2010

# American Employees: 2
  The AirLite chestpod was conceived in northwest Montana, the Heron/Noxon area, where I (Bob James) did some guiding for a short time. I hunted with an outfitter that hunted Montana and the panhandle of Idaho. I was new to hunting elk but quickly learned how important glassing is to hunting them and what a wonderful tool binoculars are. I glassed a lot but found I spent too much time fumbling around for a comfortable way to hold them up. I tried it all; elbows on the knees, on my pack, on a rock, on a stick... These all worked, more or less, but I wanted something that worked every time I needed to glass, with no fumbling. It had to be fast to set up and take down, easy to use and quiet. The AirLite chestpod was designed with these attributes in mind. It was originally intended for binocular use, but with the little camera adapter it works for cameras and camcorders also. The namesake of the company is the Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness Area. My dad worked in the Pintlers for the Forest Service on a trail crew in the early '60s, and we still backpack there whenever possible. My wife is from Anaconda and her family still lives there so we are in Montana often. I am from Mississippi, though, and we are based in Richland, MS.  
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God Bless America! We are truly blessed to live in the most free country and are proud to be a company in America. We hope to grow and soon need more employees here in the USA!
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