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Kwik-Kut Manufacturing Company
125 Columbia St/P.O. Box #116
Mohawk, NY 13407

Telephone: 800-711-2960

Year Started: 1947

# American Employees: 10
  Kwik-Kut Manufacturing Company has its roots in the 1920s. William and Dorothy Carter first started manufacturing the product in their garage in Ilion. The company used an interesting marketing technique teaming with not for profit organizations and helping them with their fund raising efforts. In 1955 Kwik-Kut out-grew the garage and moved to its current facility in Mohawk, New York. In 1966 Mr. John Fitzer purchased the company upon his retirement from the Remington Arms Company. Mr. Fitzer designed many of the machines and products Under Mr. Fitzer's direction, Kwik-Kut added new products and increased production. In 1989 the company passed to current owner, Mary Morse. Mrs. Morse is the daughter of John Fitzer and she literally grew up in the business. The Kwik-Kut products are American Made by a group of dedicated employees in their facility in Mohawk ,New York. Kwik-Kut and its employees pride themselves on maintaining the quality of their products its community involvement and fair business practices. The Kwik-Kut chopper made life in the kitchen easier for your grandmother. It is still a kitchen marvel. The company's policy is sell to anyone no order is too small. If you are looking for a great funding raising idea for your not-for profit try us. If you are distributor seeking out specialty made items we will do our best to help out. If you are looking for an easier and safer way to do chopping in your own kitchen we have the product for you.  
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We are Americans and we CAN get out of this slump. American businesses are over-regulated and over-taxed. Let us do our jobs, employ people, and save our country. We make the best products and have the best employees!
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