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P.O. Box 248
Belvidere, IL 61008

Telephone: 815-871-8166

Year Started: 2011

# American Employees: 1
  Themed, personalized magnets are the latest way for kids to decorate each other's lockers--inside and out. Lockernoise magnets grab everyone's attention with cool designs and space for personal messages. Add some color to the hallway and some fun to the school day. Watch for new designs coming soon. Lockernoise magnets are an easy, effective fundraiser for school groups. They are reasonably priced, an easy sell for kids, and they build school spirit. No order taking or catalog distribution is necessary, just a single-step sale. Kids can easily sell on their own or set up sales at school events. Bulk quantity pricing is available.  
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Everyone should be making an effort to buy American. Why should we be ensuring employment and financial security for China instead of our own country? Let's get back to American ingenuity and patriotism.
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