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Clark Crosses
101 North Melanie Drive
Azle, TX 76020

Telephone: 817-800-3465

Year Started: 2002

# American Employees: 1
  I am a stay at home Mom first and foremost! My mission in life is to take care of my family. Then when I have the laundry going and the dishes clean, I love to sneak out to the workshop and cut crosses! I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to serve God by making crosses! The designs come to me so easily that there is no way that they are of me, but rather of God! Walnut and Mahogany are my favorite woods to work with. Walnut has a dark brown color and Mahogany has a warm reddish color. After I cut a cross out, I dip it in orange oil to seal the wood. I don't stain any of my crosses. I cut my crosses out on a Dewalt 20" variable speed scroll saw.  
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