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Ancient Stones Nurturing Naturals
440 W Julian Street Suite 210
San Jose, CA 95110

Telephone: 510-796-8991

Year Started: 2003

# American Employees: 2
  Ancient Stones Nurturing Naturals is jointly owned by : Gloria Webb-Williams (CEO), and Cathlene Michaels-Brader (CFO). Gloria and Cathlene bring many years of holistic, beauty, sales and marketing and technology knowledge allowing them to collaborate on the products and services of their company. They launched this manufacturing business in September 2003 right here in San Jose and they recently celebrated their 8th Year Anniversary. They developed makeup products specifically made for women of all colors as well as women that do not typically wear makeup. Now what does that mean? That means if you do not like typical makeup that makes your skin feel tacky, or ashes out your natural skin tones, or makes the lines on your face more prevalent, then you should check out their company products. Gloria and Cathlene are very proud that their products are made in the USA. Ancient Stones Nurturing Naturals is proud to present an amazing breakthrough in all Natural Mineral Makeup that uses only pure colors from earth's natural mineral source and they have no additives, fillers, preservatives or talc in their makeup. Their all natural mineral makeup enhances your skin tone while allowing your natural radiance to shine through. The Makeup gives a vibrant youthful look and feel to the skin. This all natural mineral makeup is so thin, that it allows the application of multiple layers, for complete coverage, without giving a heavy appearance to the skin. One of the main ingredients in our loose mineral foundation is Titanium Dioxide. This naturally occurring mineral effectively blocks all UV rays. If you have sensitive skin, and have had bad experiences with cosmetics in the past, then our all natural mineral makeup is for you. Remember their products are free of talc, dye and perfumes, so when they say all natural, they really mean all natural. At Ancient Stones Nurturing Naturals, the co-owners believe "the first one hundred years of the new millennium will dictate the cycles and patterns for the future. New forms of spiritual wisdom and consciousness are finding their roots. New technologies and the changes in the global economy and the use of natural resources will influence the evolution of human beings as a species". This is as stated in the Tibetan Art of Living by Christopher Hansard.  
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As a small women-owned business operating out of San Jose California we pride ourselves on healthy alternative to traditional makeup. As someone looking to increase our sales volume which will allow us to hire additional staff we need more market share. In America today most small business owners are just trying to hang in there and not lose our businesses. We hear a lot about SBA loans, but when attempting to acquire a loan, we do not have the financial resources required to quality for the loan or a grant. So we spend our time just working to keep our business open. I remember as a young girl that my grandparents only purchased items that said “Made in America”. So while I know we live in a global world I think we need to think globally, but for now shop locally.
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