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Soy Happy Candles
46541 Heathmoor Drive
Chesterfield, MI 48051

Telephone: 586-329-3938

Year Started: 2004

# American Employees: 1
  Soy Happy Candles has been providing high quality, designer style candles since 2004. Knowing how important personal health has become to Americans, the focus on using 100% soy wax is a result of research which revealed the unhealthy carcinogens that are released from other types of wax. Founder and candle-crafter, Natale Colasanti, began Soy Happy Candles in her basement laboratory and has since maintained the overall goal of spreading the awareness of soy wax's health benefits. Please, help spread the word! Our mission is to make the world smell better, one candle at a time. Whether it's that dog odor that lingers long after you give your puppy a bath, the scent of your ex that sticks on your pillow case, or that package of Gouda that you accidentally left on the counter, Soy Happy Candles are guaranteed to give your home or office, even your friend's home or office a new, refreshing, long-lasting scent. Class, Charm, and Convenience! Soy Happy Candles provides only the classiest, most charming candles which can be placed in any room, on any surface, and will not take away from your decor! Also, Soy Happy Candles is conveniently located in Metro Detroit. Soy Happy Candles can be delivered if you're local, and shipped if you're not!  
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