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The Rusted Chain
Hesston, KS 67062

Telephone: 316-283-0984

Year Started: 2003

# American Employees: 3
  Beki Hastings began making custom jewelry in 2003. Since that time, her products have been featured in various magazines, Pediped shoe advertisements, Law and Order Criminal Intent, and are sold in local upscale boutiques and internationally. She now has a small team that works to create jewelry. Her designs feature the best of rustic elegance and trendy looks, with the end result being quality jewelry that will look as new and fresh years from now as it does today. Each piece is custom made using sterling silver, stainless steel, natural stones, and the finest components. Beki is also a photographer and blogger. She lives in an old farmhouse in Kansas with her husband, and her three children, a daughter, aged 11, and two sons ages 10 and 5. A former flight attendant, Beki is truly enjoying being home with her children. Being a designer is, she says, the best way for her to remain home with her family and still have a creative outlet.  
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We are about simply inspiring jewelry. We are about supporting local businesses. We are about honoring God. We are about living simply and sweet tea. We are about fresh cut flowers. We are about thrift stores, yard sales, and antiques. We are about bare toes in green grass. We are about big red barns and mason jars. We are about savoring small moments in life. We are about daisies, peonies and fields of sunflowers. We are about supporting an underdog and giving to charities. We are about friends, family and fun.
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