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Nouveau Comeceuticals
1746 Crosby Road
Carrollton, TX 75006

Telephone: 615-479-6377

Year Started: 2001

# American Employees: 500
  My skin was terribly sun-damaged, aging fast, and I was spending a small fortune on fancy products with complicated regimens trying to fix it. Nothing worked. Many other women I talked to had similar experiences. So I resolved to take matters into my own hands. After meeting and collaborating with a world-renowned scientist, Clifton Sanders, who shared my passion and mission, Nouveau was born in 2002. Today, Nouveau features cutting-edge cosmeceuticals that are being used by thousands of customers all across the country. Due to their love of the products and their passion for sharing Nouveau with others, many are also joining Nouveau as Independent Consultants. I invite you to join the Nouveau revolution! Clifton Sanders talks about the science behind the Nouveau products. Like many great innovations, Nouveau was the result of one individual’s quest for affordable solutions. Today, Nouveau’s cutting-edge products deliver phenomenal results and are in high demand. What’s our secret? To be effective a product has to penetrate the skin, not just sit on it. Acidic products penetrate the skin very well, but don’t have a long shelf-life. So we’ve married top-notch ingredients with innovative technology to create powerful skin wellness systems that are delivered to you fresh. With our efficient and effective distribution design, Nouveau aims to lead the cosmeceutical revolution… and redefine the direct selling industry. Nouveau is committed to the idea that it is our products and people that set us apart. We strive to empower others to live their best life thanks to our innovative products and unparalleled career and earnings opportunity. As you experience Nouveau, we hope that you will embrace our mission, be energized by our products, and inspired by our people who are rapidly creating a Nouveau Revolution!  
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