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24023 NE Shea Lane
Wood Village, OR 97060

Telephone: 503-544-0879

Year Started: 2007

# American Employees: 3
  It all started with Stella and her itchy paws. During Stella’s battle with allergies, we started paying better attention to what we were feeding our dogs. We started reading about canine nutrition and talking with our veterinarian. We found that even ‘organic’, ‘gourmet’ and ‘all natural’ treats contained ingredients we didn’t want the dogs to have. The superior quality treats we needed weren’t available at any price, so we started making them ourselves. We are happy to say that Stella no longer chews her paws! Our bakery is in the Portland suburb of Wood Village. We have an open door policy at the bakery - you are welcome any time. It's important to know manufacturing plants are kept clean and tidy. I look forward to the day customers are welcome in all facilities where pet products are made. Additionally, make sure any treats you purchase are made in a certified facility. It's surprising how many good intentioned folks illegally sell dog treats made from their home. STAM is a back-to-basics company. We don't have packaging with dancing cartoon dogs that draw your attention away from the ingredients list. We make products that are actually good for dogs. We are glad consumers are smart enough to know what's really important - the quality of products - not how many colorful swirls are on the box.  
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"The Americans took but little when they emigrated except what they stood up in and what they had in their souls. They came through, they tamed the wilderness, they became a refuge for the oppressed from every land and clime." -Winston Churchill
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