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Xenna Corporation
33 Witherspoon St., Suite 200
Princeton, NJ 08542

Telephone: 800-368-6003

Year Started: 1996

# American Employees: 7
  Xenna Corporation is a privately-held, woman-owned, company based in Princeton, NJ. The company develops and distributes patented personal care products for skin, hair and nails. Its science is focused on natural keratin protein denaturing products for exfoliating and hair-relaxing applications. Personal care products include NonyX® Nail Gel, an exfoliant of discoloring keratin debris for toenails and fingernails, CalleX® Ointment, a plant-based exfoliant for dry, cracked feet, and Curlaway® Curl Relaxer for gradual, non-alkaline curl relaxation.  
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Americans produce the best quality products at the fairest prices and are usually more innovative in their design and function. Americans should make it a point to prefer American-made products and support the well being of other Americans in doing so.
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