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Blue Feather
PO Box 1378
Mesilla, NM 88046

Telephone: 575-770-2806

Year Started: 2000

# American Employees: 2
  Blue Feather was born in 2000 when I started reading product labels. I started playing with Melt-and-Pour soap, but quickly tired of it when I realized it was way more fulfilling to pick my own ingredients rather than remelt a Betty Crocker Soap! My hobby grew and started taking over the house, so I made it into business. We started doing major regional craft fairs and selling to stores. Since we started, I have personally made over 22 tons of soap and I have in excess of 20,000 soap making hours under my belt! ... and then my Dad had a heart attack. Everything came to a screeching halt as we struggled with being full time care givers. Well, we're turning a new page now, our products and packaging are even more refined and we are out to have an impact on the 'Natural Body Care' industry. We currently offer about 50 variations of premium oil-based cold processed soaps for various skin types and all created to clean without drying out your skin -- essential in our dry climate and our stressful life style. We also make a vast array of moisturizers in various weights, super silky shampoo and conditioners, a natural deodorant, a healing balm and a pain relief cream, to name just a few of our creations! We constantly reassess our product line for improvements and we are currently focusing on returning to less processed ingredients and more essential oil blends. With the economy making everyone’s budget a challenge, quality products that deliver are more important to everyone, so we are making each product more multi-purpose. We know you care a great deal about what you put on your skin, and we always strive to make the most beneficial and pleasing products available.  
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