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Midwest Tool and Cutlery Company
1210 Progress Street
Sturgis, MI 49091

Telephone: 269-651-7964

Year Started: 1945

# American Employees: 100
  Midwest Tool and Cutlery Company began manufacturing metal cutting snips and related edge hand tools in Sturgis, Michigan in 1945. The company's founders were former employees of the Berridge Shear Company. Today, Midwest Tool and Cutlery Company is a privately held Michigan corporation with approximately 100 employees and operates manufacturing facilities in Sturgis and Kalkaska, Michigan. All models of the company's Midwest Snips® aviation and tinner snip products are manufactured entirely in its USA facilities. From its beginning, the manufacture of forged blade hand tools has been a core competency of the company. Midwest Tool and Cutlery Company - Forge Division was established in 1979 with the acquisition of Allegheney Forge Company. The acquired company was re-located into a new facility in Kalkaska, Michigan. The "hot drop-forged" process of fabricating blades has for decades and remains today synonymous with "highest quality" in the manufacture of edge hand tools. Initially, Midwest Tool and Cutlery Company operated as a highest quality "private label" manufacturer of edge hand tools for many leading professional quality brands including the Sears Craftsman® brand. Today, while continuing to manufacture the Sears Craftsman and other professional quality brands of snips hand tools, the company's own Midwest Snips® national brand has become a leading tradesman brand both domestically and in many regions globally. Continuous improvement of forging and other manufacturing processes to meet more demanding product performance goals and the design of new products to meet the changing needs of the company's hand tool user customers is and has been on-going at Midwest Tool and Cutlery Company. In the 1960's, Midwest Tool and Cutlery Company developed the "double overwind spring" which was a superior spring design that remains today the longest-lasting and optimum spring design used in aviation snips and other compound leverage hand tools. The company's membership in manufacturing associations such as the Forge Industry Association, and The Hand Tool Institute; its alliances with tradesman groups including The Sheetmetal Workers International, and government agencies including the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health; along with its relationship with the ergonomics departments of two major universities; are resources that are used to test and develop product improvements and new products. Most recently, these cooperations have resulted in the development of forge die designs that produce the strongest aviation snip blades manufactured today, and ergonomically optimized aviation snip handle openings that make these products the easiest to use. As a leading innovator and developer of new metal cutting snips and related hand tools, Midwest Tool and Cutlery Company owns numerous product design and utility patents. The company's patented Upright® aviation snips feature a handle design that is 90-degrees to the cutting plane of the blades which ergonomically improves wrist range motion and allows the tool user easier access to tight spaces. Midwest Tool and Cutlery Company's patented Cable Cutter features compound leverage handle action for ease of use and a special hardened alloy steel blade insert for versatility and ease of cutting materials such as hardened wire, wire rope, cable, and steel rod. The patent pending Magsnips® line of replaceable blade snips is the company's newest product line innovation. Throughout its history, Midwest Tool and Cutlery Company has been true to its mission: To continue to provide the highest quality USA manufactured hand tools through continuous improvement while being honest and responsible to its customers, employees, and corporate ownership.  
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