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Amerrock-U.S. Fireproofing
P.O. Box 8619
Greenville, SC 29604

Telephone: 877-343-5268

Year Started: 2006

# American Employees: 47
  All of our products are designed to stand up to North America’s scorching heat to extreme cold and moisture intense environments. Our products provide the best possible combination of fire containment, sound control, thermal insulation and energy conservation for both external/internal walls and ceilings. Our products are also ecologically sound and are made from sustainable products and recycled materials. They contain no asbestos, formaldehyde or chemical additives. Our mineral fiber is non-combustible, moisture-resistant, non-corrosive, non-deteriorating, mold, fungus, and mildew-proof, vermin-proof and odor free. Our mineral fiber resists temperatures over 2150°F. Our products are required to be pneumatically sprayed into either wood or steel frame structures to form a monolithic coating. This process seals cracks and holes in the wallboard, around plumbing, electrical outlets, vent ducts and other irregularities, resulting in no compressed areas or voids that allow sound leaks, R-value reduction, or air infiltration.  
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