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Jill's Jams and Jellies
5680 Tanglewood Circle
Cumming, GA 30041

Telephone: 770-887-7204

Year Started: 1997

# American Employees: 4
  Steve and Jill Phillips have owned and operated Jill's Jams and Jellies since 1997. Steve and Jill have been married for 25 years and have 3 daughters. Jill is a native of Forsyth County, Georgia and her family has lived in the county for 7 generations. Jill was taught the art of food preservation from her grandma Wynelle Nichols. She learned to use care and love in picking only the best and freshest fruits and vegetables. She makes each batch herself using the small batch method. "The same as her Grandmother did." She never uses any food colors, corn syrup, or preservatives. Jill's Jams and Jellies is licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, and has a Better process Control Certificate. At this time, Jill's Jams and Jellies offers over 175 different flavors.  
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Thoughts on America:
Jill's family has lived in the same county in Georgia since 1840. We believe America roots are strong and everyone needs to support American made products.
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