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Custom Gardens organic Farm & CSA
3701 Elm St
Silver Springs, NV 89429

Telephone: 775-577-2069

Year Started: 1988

# American Employees: 2
  We WELCOME you to COME ALONG on a "Tour of the Farm".... where you meet the farmers and learn about our growing methods, look over our produce menu from Artichokes to Zucchini blossoms (vine fruits, strawberries, herbs and more). We grow with pride for many Nevada customers and offer for sale, only products we actually produce. Our 2+ acre property (in family ownership since the 50's) was covered with native plants when we began Custom Gardens in 1988. Located in the high desert near Lake Lahontan, at the crossroads of U.S. 50 and 95A in Silver Springs, we farm using sustainable organic methods, believing that healthy foods begin with healthy soils, water, air and seeds! After growing for market (selling direct at the farm and at area farmer's markets for the first seven years) in 1995 we became the first Nevada farm to offer a Community Supported Agriculture program. In 1998, our farm was the first to become "certified" organic under the Nevada State program, and hold certificate #1001-P. At Custom Gardens, the commitment to ORGANIC farming practices has always meant NO synthetic products are used, including fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides. This is a "drug-free", chemical-free farm! "Certified" organic status is the customer's assurance that there will be NO Genetically Modified Organisms, Sewage Sludge, or Irradiation used in the production of agricultural food products. We HONOR our environment! To maintain soil fertility: We plant cover crops (green manure), rotate our vegetable beds, use only natural minerals, compost, herbal and other organic preparations. Insect pests: We introduce and encourage habitat for beneficial insects, birds, bats, and other creatures that prey upon unwanted insects. At times, we and our "Food - For - Work" members actually go on patrol, with a bucket of soapy water, to hand pick and dunk the pest insects! Weeding is done by hand, by hoe, tilling, "flaming" or other safe practices. Drip irrigation is our primary method of applying water, ... practicing conservation of this precious resource. Plant diseases and other problems are mostly avoided by our pledge to use sustainable, healthy, environmentally friendly practices. Cleanliness and quality is always our #1 priority! Freshness, variety and our TLC from farm to consumer has rewarded us with a favorable reputation in our Western Nevada area!  
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