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Dr. Doormat
11140 Rockville Pike, Suite 100, #233
Rockville, MD 20852

Telephone: 301-770-2002

Year Started: 2003

# American Employees: 2
  As a Mom I believe I'm the best qualified person to make decisions regarding my children's health and safety. I've suffered allergies & asthma most of my life so I have tried to eliminate allergy triggers in my home. Watching my one month old playing on her activity mat, I realized her world was the floor. She put everything in her mouth. Friends and family reassured me that “A little dirt won’t hurt her.” I wasn’t convinced and I decided to research the impact of household dirt. All those years of being allergic to house dust and I had no idea that dirt and dust were comprised of so many dangerous contaminants including: dust mites, carcinogens, pesticides, animal feces, toxins, bacteria, mold, mildew, yeast and high concentrations of cadmium, mercury and lead. I was shocked to find that dirt and “track-in” from our street shoes can cause cancer, developmental delays, learning disabilities, respiratory infections and a host of other diseases for all members of the family including our pets. I believe people have a right to know and as consumers, we deserve better. Armed with this new found knowledge, I felt a responsibility to take action. This led me to develop the best doormat ever -- beautifully crafted, easy to use, affordable and made with great thought and love.  
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Thoughts on America:
Only in America could a stay at home Mom have the freedom and resources to start a business with a simple idea and make her dream a reality. That's the power and beauty of America. We are proud to be employeeing workers in the USA. Although we have only two employees, we have three US consultants and outsource all of our work in the USA to our factory, warehouse, and fulfillment center located in Georgia, USA.
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