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SUN OVENS International, Inc.
39W835 Midan Drive
Elburn, IL 60119

Telephone: 800-408-7919

Year Started: 1998

# American Employees: 8
  As populations increase and forests and fossil fuels disappear, the need for an alternative method of cooking around the world is intensifying. SUN OVENS International is committed to providing an alternative. SUN OVENS International takes a different approach. We have taken a concept that has been around for centuries, and have combined it with more improved materials to make the most effective solar cooking devices in the world. The SUN OVEN® has been designed to overcome most of the cultural barriers that have restricted the widespread use of the sun for cooking. The SUN OVEN is often compared with box cookers made out of aluminum foil and cardboard (homemade boxes of various sizes and shapes). While the energy conversion principles are the same, the materials utilized in manufacturing SUN OVENS® have been carefully researched to include the most efficient materials available. In order to capture the maximum amount of energy, achieve the highest possible temperature, and retain the greatest amount of heat, while minimizing the weight, the materials utilized have been selected based on efficiency and quality. SUN OVENS International is determined to disseminate solar appliances that truly meet people's needs rather than distributing perpetuating cookers that work only under the most ideal conditions. The initial price of a GLOBAL SUN OVENS® is higher, but due to its long life, ability to cook on partly cloudy days and allowing food to stay warm for hours, the cost per meal is lower than any other solar cooking device. Redefining Cooking In the U.S. - The fast-paced American lifestyle has cultivated a fast food approach to cooking and eating; even if it means sacrificing nutrition, taste, health, and the environment. SUN OVENS International is endeavoring to make Americans aware of the enriching health lifestyle and environmental benefits of cooking with the sun.  
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Sun Ovens are used in more than 126 counties around the world and we have been involved in teaching people to cook with the sun on 5 continents. America is truly blessed and totally unique. No other country comes close in terms of opportunity, creativeness and freedom.
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