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American Excelsior Co
850 Ave H E
Arlington, TX 786006

Telephone: 817-385-3500

Year Started: 1888

# American Employees: 325
  Since 1888, American Excelsior's philosophy has remained the same - deliver quality products to the customer in a timely manner. Throughout the century, the products have surely changed, but this goal remains a constant throughout the company. The company got its start by producing wood excelsior - stranded wood fibers manufactured from Aspen trees - for use as protective packaging in wood crates and as filling material for bedding and furniture products. Today, American Excelsior Company operates the largest excelsior mill in the country located in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. This natural, renewable resource is still manufactured by the company for packaging, erosion control, and evaporative cooling pads, as well as for archery targets and floral / craft filler. As industry developed new packaging materials and solutions, American Excelsior changed with the times again and again, manufacturing and marketing the latest products for each decade - wood excelsior in the early 1890s, cotton batting in the 1920s, excelsior pads in the 1940s, foam rubber in the 1950s, polyurethane foam in the 1960s, polystyrene loose fill in the 1970s, starch-based packaging and molded polyurethane products for the 1990s and new viscoelastic foams for seating along with new innovations for erosion and sediment control for the 2000s.  
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Thoughts on America:
Like other co's here in the US, it bothers us to see jobs replaced by foreign products especially when a number of those products are inferior in quality to those being produced here in the United States. There are also those out there that turn to foreign co’s first, as they have the impression that the product will always be cheaper and not really taking the time to investigate the overall value of the product or what the order could mean to a US manufacturer. There is no doubt that there are times that you will pay a little more for a US product, but are we turning our backs on our own country or are we taking the first steps towards helping this country take ownership of our own future? American Excelsior has been producing excelsior products since 1888 for many products used in erosion control, packaging, display, construction ceiling boards and many other applications, but we are seeing more non-US produced products coming into the country and many times the end-user pays a premium for that product and actually has less of a performance value. Why? A lot of it has to do with the marketing dollars spent on those products which in some cases are supported by the government from where the product originates. This leaves many of the US producers on their own to spend added dollars on advertising to compete with those dollars. In addition to Curlex excelsior erosion control blankets, we (along with others here in US) also manufacturer a erosion control blanket made from straw, which is grown on US soils and is harvested by US labor and produced by US companies using US labor, but that same US soil could have foreign product used on the construction site instead of US products. How sad would it be for a foreign made product to be used on the soil where an Aspen tree stood or straw was just harvested by a farmer? It can happen and in all likelihood, it has happened. In many cases, these products provide no better performance, they provide no better price, nor do they provide any US jobs. All they have to offer is a story.
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