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Visions Made Real
8574 Quail Tree
San Antonio, TX 78251

Telephone: 210-421-0727

Year Started: 1999

# American Employees: 5
  We’ve all received greeting cards for special occasions, but no matter how nice and special the card may be, it ultimately ends up in a drawer, box, or the trash. Visions Made Real is pleased to introduce the PillArd, the perfect gift when a greeting card just won’t do! A PillArd takes a Pillow (Pill) and a greeting card (Ard), to form a beautiful decorative accent piece for home or office, to give as a keepsake, or as a personalized gift. A PillArd is not only a gift that will be proudly displayed and cherished, but in many cases will be passed from one generation to the next as they become family heirlooms. Take a look at some of our samples and you'll see that whether for a bridal shower, birthday, baby shower, promotion, or any other occasion we have the right PillArd waiting to be made just for you!  
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Thoughts on America:
My husband is a retired military and I am determined to produce my product here. I think the opportunity for America to become great again starts with the small business person. This is a great country and I'm glad to be an American.
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